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A Culinary Adventure

Learn to dish up the magical flavours of Singapore and the region in the comfort of my home. Each menu is designed as both a complete meal and to provide a proper grounding in Asian cooking, so you learn the basics – and how to build on them. Menus change daily.

Class length: 3 hours

cooking class on Pulau Ubin


Pulau Ubin Kampong Cooking Escapade

Take a trip to an island north-west of Singapore – and half a decade into the past – for my most special cooking class. Among other dishes, you’ll learn to make a dish called nasi kerabu using wild herbs.

Class length: 5 hours

private cooking class Singapore


Private Cooking Classes

We can cook up a private class for one, or a group of friends, at my home or a location of your choosing. You pick the dishes and we’ll bring the magic.

Class length: 3 to 4 hours

nonya cooking class
Peranakan Food

Nonya Food

Click & Cook

Enjoy my hands-on cooking classes from the comfort of your home on Udemy. Get a 45% discount when you sign up for our online cooking course.

Have your cake and eat it, too!

The gift of cooking is one that keeps giving, making the Cookery Magic Gift Voucher an ideal present for newlyweds, good friends, or even children going away to university abroad.