Book A Virtual Cooking Class

Just because you cannot come to my home for a cooking class does not mean I cannot come into your home to teach you. Virtually of course! 😊

How does it work?

Simple. We will do it live via online streaming using Zoom.

Have a look at my schedule for the menus that interest you and book the time slot. Once you have booked the class, I will email you the list of ingredients you will need and the utensils required.

You will also need to have your phone, ipad or laptop with you to follow what I do. And of course, you will need the indispensable wifi. My classes will be interactive so you can allow me to see what you are doing so that I can guide you.

I have picked curry for my current class theme as we all love curries. And boy, are there a variety of curries you can learn ! But if you prefer to do a menu of your choice, I am always happy to arrange a private class as I did in person.

I want to make my classes as personal as possible and want to feel you in my kitchen as we cook. So come join me for some curry-nary fun !!

Stay Safe and Curry On!

Singapore Monday: Chicken Kapitan (A popular chicken curry)

Indian Tuesday: Lal Murghi (Tomato Chicken Curry)

Thai Wednesday: Green Prawn Curry

Nonya Thursday: Nonya Chicken Curry with Potatoes

Indonesian Friday: Opor Ayam (Chicken Curry in Spiced Coconut Milk)

Anything Goes Saturday: Chicken Rendang (one of the most popular dish in Singapore)

Private Sunday: Private one on one class with a dish of your choice

To reserve a place, please select a class below and make your payment via credit card (PayPal).

Cost of Class: S$38.80 per class

Cost of Private Class: S$ 78.80 per hour

Do note that a booking fee of 4.9% applies.

Most menus can be done vegetarian/vegan. Get in touch.

If you live in Singapore, I can also arrange for ingredients to be prepared for you. So all you need to do is cook and not have to worry about shopping or prepping it. You can self pickup or arrange delivery to your place. Cost will depend on the recipe and the quantity.

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking. Classes will only proceed when the minimum number of students is fulfilled. In the event that a class is unable to proceed, you will be issued a refund, or the option to pick an alternative session.

Menus and schedule are subject to change.


Schedule for All Classes

Click on a class below to book online. Please note that classes will run only if there are at least 2 bookings.
Do contact us via email: or text or telephone: 65 96656831, if you have any questions.