Mr Pepper

Mr Pepper has a couple of teeth missing following an attack by two neighbourhood dogs. He was lucky to be saved on time. He’s not terribly fond of the other cats but is happy to roll over for a belly rub and some human attention. He’ll meow loudly when he needs you , actually more likely if needs food.


Ms Poppy

Ms Poppy, who is Mr Pepper’s little sister, is a real beauty but very shy, and vanishes when anyone comes to the house. When we’re alone though, she sticks to me like glue, sitting by the computer when I work. She even stands guard outside the bathroom when I have a shower.



Madam Sugar

Madam Sugar has gotten quite round because all she does is sleep all day. When she first came to the house in 2013, she was pregnant and had a large litter, three of which became part of our furry family: Fennel, Cardamom and Masala.



Fennel is not fat. He is just big boned. When Madam Sugar found it too tedious to look after her whole litter, Fennel played surrogate mum, even letting the younger kittens suckle him. He looks like a cat model and should be on the cover of Cat Vogue magazine.



Cardamom is very silly – and a little bit of a scaredy cat. He hides in my room most of the time. Every morning at 7am sharp, he comes over to nudge me to wake me up for his breakfast. If I do not wake up, he pulls on my hair which is sure to get him his breakfast.



Masala is just very vocal and very loud. She spends most of her time at a neighbour’s house and only comes back for food. She has a permanent grouchy look but loves to sit on your lap for a bit of TLC.



Muffin is the beautiful Siamese that looks like she was painted by an artist. She is a rescue cat that was very likely abused because she will not let anyone touch her. She will come by to get her food or even sit near you but no one can touch her and she has been with me for 4 years.


Mr Chye Sim

Mr Chy Sim is an old stray cat that  suddenly appeared 4 years ago. Is a big cat and looks like he has fought many street battles in his life looking at the scars on his face. He is very loving and behaves like a house cat and I always wonder what is his story.. Is he a lost cat or was he abandoned!

This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Marmalade, Truffles, Saffron, Cumin, Couscous and Cocoa.
All gone too soon. I love and miss them all.

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