Pulau Ubin Kampong Cooking Escapade

This truly is my most special class. It is held in a 100-year old Malay Kampong (village) House on Pulau Ubin, a small island (10.19 km²) situated in the north east of Singapore.  There is a small community of about 60 villagers living there who are holding out urban development so taking a trip there is like visiting Singapore of the 1960’s.We take a 10-minute bumboat ride from Changi Jetty and then stroll to the kampong house that belongs to Madam Kamariah’s  family – who was born and brought up in the house. At the house, you will learn how to make the little known healthy Malay dish, Nasi Kerabu, using 30 different types of wild jungle herbs which we will collect around the house.

Programme Outline:

The menu will be:

   1. Nasi Kerabu (Herbed Rice)

   2. Sambal Belachan Tumis

   3. Butter Prawns

   4. Ice Kachang


9.00am: Meet at Changi Point Ferry Terminal

9.05am: Board Ferry

9.20am: Take the van to Kamariah’s Kampong House, Kampong Durian

9.30am: Breakfast in the Kampong House 

10.00am: Walk around jungle to look at herbs and to harvest herbs from around the garden

11.00am: Cooking Demo

11.20am: Participants in groups start to cook

12 noon: Lunch and Ice Kachang Time

1.30pm Time to head back to the ferry terminal.

2.30pm: Back at Changi Jetty

Minimum: 20, Maximum: 80.

 The cost for this adventure is SGD$ 140 per person.

Check the class schedule to sign up or send me an email to enquire about the next available class. 

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