Children’s Cooking Party

Finally! We all get to masak-masak (play cooking) for real. Does this even make sense? Have a cooking party for your child’s next birthday at my cosy home. At this party, children will get to bake and also decorate pre-made cookies or cupcakes with colourful icing. Ingredients and tools will be provided.

Duration 3 hours
Day(s) Any day of the week depending on availability
Menu for children

1. Fruit Juice
2. 2 types of sandwiches
3. Jelly

4. Mini Pizza

5. Marshmallows
6. Potato Chips
7. Cookies
8. Sweets and more……..

Menu for adults 1. Tea/Coffee/Juice
2. Dips, Crackers, Bread
Cost Professional Fees: SGD $800 for the event
Cost per child: SGD$45
Birthday Cake: SGD$100 and above depending on size and design
Min. no. to start a party 10
Max. no. for the party 24

Send me an email to book a party.