Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or someone who channels Gordon Ramsay whenever you put on an apron, I’ve got a class that will make you want to scream “Yes Chef!” Through totally-immersive experiences, I guarantee that you will come to know the authentic taste of Singaporean and Asian cuisine.

Join My Cooking Classes Online On Udemy

NEW! – Experience my hands on cooking classes from the comfort of your home now online on Udemy. Get a 45% discount on my class when you sign up! Not everyone can enjoy my hands-on class experience. And I have often been told by my students, who show videos of my classes to their friends back home, how … Find out more

Daily Home Cooking Class

Learn how to create the magical flavours of Singaporean and Asian cuisine. For a complete experience, we could also go for a one-hour visit to a local wet market and spice shops before the start of class. Find out more

New! Cook Eat Run

For people who have a packed schedule in Singapore but still want to squeeze in a cooking class for a favourite Singapore dish, this is the perfect class for you. A one-hour hands-on class that teaches you to make popular Singapore dishes. And only S$50 per person!   Mondays:  Mee Goreng, Tuesdays: Char Kuay Teow, … Find out more

Pulau Ubin Kampong Cooking Escapade

This cooking class is conducted in a Malay Kampong house on Pulau Ubin off Changi that is said to be 100 years old. It has a very small kampong community of only 60 people. It still feels like Singapore in the 1960’s with a laid back lifestyle. Find out more

Corporate Cooking Classes

A great team building idea! Participants will team up and work together in this fun hands-on class to create a delicious meal that everybody will enjoy eating. A visit to a local wet market for the participants to buy the ingredients for the cooking class can also be incorporated. People will get to know each other in a relax environment. They will cook things that they did not know they could do. Find out more

Private Cooking Class

Pamper yourself with a one-on-one lesson or gather some friends for some fun in the kitchen. Classes are conducted in the comfort of your own home or in my spacious kitchen. Pick the dishes you want to learn from my menu or tell me what you want to create. Find out more

Children’s Cooking Class

When children play, they are doing more than having fun. They are learning every minute. They are experimenting, exploring and discovering new horizons and they are doing it with endless energy and curiosity. Ruqxana’s primary aim is to get children excited about creating food and being in the kitchen. And of course the educational benefits includes, cooking using math, science, reading, organising their work logically and art that goes along with it. Find out more

Children’s Cooking Party

Finally! We all get to masak-masak (play cooking) for real. Does this even make sense? Have a cooking party for your child’s next birthday at my cosy home. At this party, children will get to bake and also decorate pre-made cookies or cupcakes with colourful icing. Ingredients and tools will be provided. Find out more