The Story of the Magical Cookery House and its Cool Cats

Once upon a time, not so long, long ago, in a land not so far, far away, lived a woman who was a little odd. She lived in a magical house amongst her many cats whom she called her family. They called her the crazy cat lady but her cupboards were always full and friends came from all over the land to partake in her delicious food. People even came from distant land, travelled many miles, to learn the secrets of her cooking. Everyday, the house was filled with wonderful aroma, the clatter of pots and pans, the happy chatter of people from distant land and the meowing of the cool cats.

This not so little odd woman had a very soft spot for cats and could not say no to any cat that came to her doorstep seeking food and shelter. The cats came to her as they had been abandon by their evil owners. She tried to find them new loving homes. But not all the cats were lucky to find new homes. And so they stayed with this not so small odd woman in the magical cookery house with the wonderful aroma with the happy chatter of the people from the distant land. Some of the cats have disappeared, some have died and some are still with her. They all have given her love, joy and at times pain.

pepper the catThis is Mr Pepper. If you look at him closely, you will notice that he has a few missing teeth. This is because he was attack by two vicious evil dogs that live in a house next to the magical cookery house. He was very lucky as he was saved in time and he survived the attack. He is a very jealous cat. He does not like the other cats in the house and gets very upset if the the not so small odd woman plays with the other cats. When he wants attention, he will meow loudly and give a little bite at the ankle. He loves rolling over for a tummy rub.


Poppy the catMs Poppy is Mr Pepper’s little sister. She’s a real beauty and very shy. She hides when anyone comes into the house. Only the odd woman is allowed to touch her. She follows the odd woman everywhere. She sits by the computer while she works and sleeps in her bed. She even waits outside the bathroom when the odd woman goes in to have her shower

Sugar CatMadam Sugar does nothing accept sleep the whole day. Due to her lack of any physical activity, she has gotten a little rounded. When Madam Sugar came to the magical cookery house, she was pregnant and she had many babies. Some found new homes, some died and 4 of them are now part of the odd woman’s furry family. Fennel, Cardamon, Sumac and Masala.

top things to do in SingaporeFennel is not fat. He is just big boned. Fennel was a surrogate mummy to the three younger kittens, Cardamom, Sumac and Masala when Madam Sugar found it too tedious to feed them. Even though Fennel is a “he”, he would let the three kittens suckle him! Fennel looks like a cat model. The odd woman often ask him if he wants to be a cat model and his reply is alway ‘neow’. Cardamon is very smart. Masala is super shy. And Sumac just wants to be left alone!

Marmalade The Cat Truffles the Cookery Magic CatSaffron the Cookery Magic CatCouscous My LoveCocoa The Rounded Cat

This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Marmalade, Truffles, Saffron, Couscous and Cocoa. All gone too soon. I love and miss them all.

Be Kind to Animals!
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. "Mahatma Gandhi“There is no religion without love,
and people may talk as much as
they like about their religion, but
if it does not teach them to be good and kind to man and beast,
it is all a sham.”Anna Sewell
Don't buy pets. Adopt them from your local shelter. There are so many homeless animals - give them a loving forever home.KARMA - What goes around comes around. Keep your circle POSITIVE.  Think good thoughts. Say good words. Do good deeds. 

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